Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sorry for the delayed updates.

We've been working on completing the first completed draft which currently weighs in at 110 pages.

As with all scripts, they are living documents which will continue to get tweaked through production, sometimes even during shooting.

Basketball season is now underway. Can you imagine a school in Oregon with 27 students winning the boys 6A State Basketball Championship? That's the equivalent of what Bellfountain did when they made into the State Tournament in 1937 to play league giants like Franklin and Lincoln.

Can you imagine jumping at center court after every basket? If you had a tall player it would be like 'winners out'... make a basket, tap it to your own team, make a basket, repeat process.

That's what they did in the 30's. To make it more challenging, Bellfountain's tallest player was only 6' and many opponents had players 6'4".

Watch for more updates in the coming weeks.