Thursday, June 24, 2010

Harry Wallace Interview

Today Doug Graham and I loaded our production gear and headed south on I-5 (or 'The 5' if you live in So.Cal) to Corvallis, Oregon.

Waiting for us was a gentle spirit and wonderful man of 92 years. We picked a location in the garden area of the Timberhill Place Retirement Center. (thank you for your accommodations and hospitality)

Harry Wallace shared stories of an era long lost to modern technology. He shared a home with parents and siblings during the Great Depression with no bathroom, no phone and a large tub for a bath.

During our 90 minute interview, his eyes danced as he shared stories of a small town with a coach and 8 boys with a dream.

He shared of his misadventure into amateur wrestling at a local fair. The wrestling ring that once looked so large from the audience became substantially smaller as he attempted to escape the burly arms of the much slower but heavier opponent. "What was I thinking" he would say. "I was thinking I could keep away from him for the required time with my speed and agility".

That concept worked well for several minutes until the opponent grabbed one of his appendages and tossed him in the air. His descent to the ground would result in a trip to the hospital to attempt repair on a misaligned left arm. It would never heal correctly and would be one of many challenges facing him and the young team from 'Bellfountain'

An hour and a half later after starting the interview, we were joining him and 'Woody' (a friend) for lunch.

More to follow...

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